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Birthdate:Nov 7
Location:United States of America
Hello! I'm [info]harrigan and I'm significantlyexponentially a googol-times more of a lurker and a surfer than I am a person who posts. This is a big step for me!

Who am I?

My passions evolve over the years. At one time, I was passionate about my career, but I have higher priorities now. Family - all four generations - are treasured more every day. Not in any order, I’m also enthused about history (lately - the US Civil War, and Ireland in the Famine years), reading, retirement planning, playing racquetball, hiking, travel, and friends. I’ve written fanfic in maybe a dozen fandoms (since before the advent of online fic), but very little is available on the web.

The reason I got an LJ, though, is to indulge my passion for Supernatural. I have never been so engaged by a TV show! And I've discovered there is amazing fic out there, music videos, art, meta, picspams… and laughter and squee.

I’m still reclusive by nature – I’ll surf for ages but it’s a challenge to make a public post. So you won’t see much activity on my LJ – but I’m happy to be here.

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